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Solar Pool Cover – Bubble Pool Cover – Pool Cover – Perfect Pools

A Solar Pool Cover is a great way to save water.

Saving Water in South Africa is a huge priority. And we all should start by getting our swimming pools covered with a Solar Pool Cover .

The Thermal GeoBubble Cover is designed to utilize the sun’s rays to gradually warm the entire pool using solar energy only. It floats on the surface of the water, bubble side down, and can be trimmed to fit all pool sizes and shapes. This cover can be accessorized with a Rollup Station to aid use and extend the cover’s lifespan. A popular cover choice for school, gym and other commercial or large swimming pools with lanes.


  • A longer swimming season: the water temperature is raised by 6 to 8° C which extends the swimming season either side of summer. Temperate water makes for a more enjoyable summer/peak swimming season too.
  • Heat retention: for heated pools, a thermal cover is the most effective way to prevent heat loss into the atmosphere. It also protects against overnight drops in temperature, and solar panels and heat pumps are notably more effective where the cover is in use.
  • Reduces evaporation by 98%+ : because the cover is in direct contact with the water, it can’t evaporate, translating into significant water savings.
  • Convenience: prevents dirt and debris collecting in the pool,  so the water is kept cleaner and pool maintenance is reduced.
  • Environmental benefits: reduces the carbon footprint of the swimming pool by using less energy to heat and clean the pool. The cover is water-wise too, given the reduction in evaporation. Chlorine naturally dissipates in sunlight and can cause greenhouse gas emissions, but with the Thermal GeoBubble Cover, this is prevented.
  • Financial: noteworthy household savings are made on power, chemicals and water.


  • Made from 400 micron polyethylene with UV inhibitors.
  • Can be accessorised with a Rollup Station to aid use on larger pools.
  • Can be accessorised with Wind Protection for pools in areas where winds can exceed 35km/hr. In winds over 65km/hr, the cover should be removed from the pool.


Comes in blue.


The Thermal GeoBubble Cover has a one year warranty but will last up to six years with correct care.

Obtain longest length and longest width.  Measurements are taken from the inside face of the pool at one end, to the inside face at the opposite end, to determine the longest and widest points of the pool.

Measure the length of the pool on both sides.  Measure the width of the pool on both sides.