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Perfect Pools understand to Fibreline your pool can be a daunting thought. However, we have made it simple. You will see details below of what you can expect if you choose us to fibreline your pool. However for now if you like what you see fill in the form below, and we will call you straight away.

Fibreline your Pools by Perfect Pools® | 0860697665

Your pool is an important part of the garden, so why not give your pool a well-deserved makeover, with a professional fibreglass relining renovation done by the experts at Perfect Pools.
Within a few days, you can have a brand new looking pool, for a fraction of the cost of a new one and with minimal disruption to your garden.
The fibreglass renovation process can be applied to a cement pool. Have a look in the gallery, and you will see the amazing transformation of old cement pools in Blouberg, Sunningdale and Plattekloof. Perfect Pools also offers a repair service. If you have a crack in your pool shell, then it can be fixed. Alternatively, the crack is automatically repaired when you have a renovation done. Depending on the severity of the crack, it is usually included in the price of the fibreglass relining.
Warranties offered by Perfect Pools vary, depending on the original condition of the pool shell. These are always discussed with the pool owner and outlined in the written quote.

PREP, EMPTY AND CLEAN POOL– The pool is inspected before the draining. To ensure the walls are clean and the area is suitable for the repairs.

GRIND AND PREPARE SURFACE – The dirtiest, dustiest part of the relining. The pool walls and floor are completely ground back, with industrial-strength sanders. Also in the preparation process, all visible blisters/blackspot are removed and repaired. Also includes the repair of any existing cracks, holes or weak spots. In some pools, that are in really bad condition, the preparation process can take up to 2 days.
RE-LINE POOL WITH FIBREGLASS LAMINATE AND RESIN – A layer of fibreglass reinforced laminate and resin is applied to the walls and floor of the pool, and if needed also the coping area of the pool.
APPLY FLO-COAT – A light sand after the previous procedure and then Flo-Coat (the base colour) is applied. Later in the day or the next morning, when the coat is reasonably dry, a light sanding is applied to the walls and floor to prepare the surface for the final process.
APPLY FINAL TOPCOAT (COLOUR) – The final topcoat is applied. This is called a flowcoat. This is the colour you have chosen for your pool. Also on this day, a non-slip surface is applied to the pool steps.
Your pool renovation is now complete.

Perfect Pools

Our main focus is customer service and to make swimming pool ownership a pleasure. Spending time with the family is probably the main reason why we wake up every morning. It’s for this exact reason we offer services Like Weekly Pool Maintenance. We also have dedicated teams to repair any problem you might have with the pool. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need a professional pool company.

Fibreline your Pools by Perfect Pools® | 0860697665

Perfect Pools also employ a full-time Fibreglass relining team, to make sure you get the best possible service and results. Don’t hesitate to contact us today still for a hassle-free swimming pool this summer.

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