Is my pool the water waster?

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I did some reading the last few weeks and found some interesting articles online, because I kept on asking myself – Is my Pool the water big waster?
According to a number of researchers, swimming pools are surprisingly not the major water waster in our homes during the summer or even during the year. 
In fact pool owners can with the correct maintenance and advice reduce almost all water loss from evaporation. 
“Most studies agree that lawns use more than twice as much water as a pool. By adding decks/ Paving or Artificial Lawn around the pool and using a pool cover the water savings are substantial.  The initial filling of a pool is when most of the water is used.”Perfect PitchPerfect Pitch
In 2014 California faced the worst drought since it`s founding in 1850 after a article in the LA Times it was found that pools wast not in fact the water waster some have made them out to be.
“Analyses by various water districts, along with scientific studies, conclude that pools and their surrounding landscapes use about the same amount of water as a lawn of the same size. Over time, pools might even use less water. With pool covers, experts say water evaporation can be cut by almost half, making pools significantly less wasteful than grass and about as efficient as drought-tolerant landscaping.”
lawn vspool water usage la times
In the Meantime,
  • Don`t switch the pump off. Letting the system stand will “dry” out the pipes and cause leaks in the under ground pipes.
  • Don`t let the water drop below the skimmer. The motor Will run dry and cause damage.
  • Don`t let the water drop below the skimmer, the ground “pressure” from outside the pool can cause damage to the pool shell, piping and paving. And even thou this is structural it will not be covered by your insurance.  
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