Struggling with Pool Maintenance?

Stop trying to it all yourself. You can save money and time by just getting it done the 1st time right. 

  • No more visiting a shop to get the pool tested.
  • No more guessing what to do.
  • No more green pools when you go out to the pool.

 Just a Hassle-free pool 365 days of the year. 

Staying HOME this summer?

We all understand that 2020 will be a interesting time and more so this festive season. With social distancing and traveling that will be kept to the bare minimum most families will probably be staying home this summer. Appart for general pool maintenance we also offer relinings and fiberglass upgrades to the swimming pool.


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Looks Brand New

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Saves money on chemicals

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Adds value to the property

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Keep the KIDS busy and safe

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Entertain family and friends