Pool Maintenance Basics

The following points are Basic Procedures that should be followed to keep your pool functioning well.
1. Keep the Water Level topped up

Please keep swimming pool topped up and full of water at all time. The pool water level must be at least 3-6com from the top of the skimmer box (weir). Perfect Pools recommends that the swimming pool only be toped up with municipal water. Well point and or borehole water can damage the pool walls, by causing staining. The use of any other water source other than municipal water will result in forfeiting the guarantee and or warrantee’s.

2. Back wash and rinse on a WEEKLY basis.
  1. Backwash for 30-40 seconds by: switching the pool motor of, move the selector valve from the filter position to the backwash position. Switch the pool motor on for 30-40 second.
  2. Rinse: Switch the selector valve from Backwash to the rinse position and switch the pool motor on for 15-30 seconds.
  3. You can now move the selector valve from the rinse position to the filter position and switch the pool motor back to the timer, for timed circulation.
3. Brush swimmimg pool walls WEEKLY

The swimming pool walls needs to be brushed on a WEEKLY basis. This will help prevent staining, micro algae build up and “dirt marks”

4. Clean baskets WEEKLY

Clean all baskets on a WEEKLY basis of all garden debris. marks”

5. Run the pool pump 8-10hrs per day

The swimming pool pump should run between 8-10 hours per day.

6. Clean filter sand with BioGuard “StripKwik” bi-anually

Clean your filter sand with BioGuard “StripKwik” every six months. This will help chemical efficiency and reduces the chances of algae.

7. Analyze pool water on a WEEKLY basis

Last and defiantly the most important step. The swimming pool water HAS to be analyzed on aWEEKLY basis (for new, renovated and or fiber glassed pools) for the first two (2) months. This will insure the swimming pool water is balanced and no discoloration, staining or marks can appear on the pool surface. After the initial 2 months pool water can then be analyzed by a professional every second week, however the pool owner has to test the water on the “off” week with his own home test kit.

a. pH = 7.4 – 7.6
b. Total Alkalinity = 80 – 125 ppm (Marble Plaster)
c. Total Alkalinity = 125 – 150 ppm (Fiberglass)
d. Stabilizer = 40 – 80 ppm
e. Free Chlorine = 1-3ppm
f. Combined Chlorine = 1 -3ppm
g. Calcium Hardness = 200 – 250ppm
h. Copper = 0ppm
i. Iron = 0ppm

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