Fixed Monthly Fee

For a fixed monthly fee you get all the above services and products. This service is perfect for clients that does not like suprizes or unexpected bills for unplaned emergencies. 

Maintenance Contact Form

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Weekly Pool Service

As per normal we will visit the pool on a weekly basis to do the general pool maintenance duties. Brushing the pool, testing water balance, backwash , rinse, clean salt chlorinator, clean all baskets etc…

Chemicals Included

Because we know what we need in advance, and we also plan to put the pool and a specific manageable maintenance program that will almost guarantee us a algae free pool.

Equipment Cover

This is the part where it will get everyone excited. We will cover your pool pump, filter, any pipe leaks, fittings and if we can’t fix it we replace it with a new one. This however will work on a sliding scale. If anything breaks in the first year of this contract, you pay normal price less 10% . In the second year normal price less 20% and in the third year less 50%.

Same day Support

Call us with any pool emergency BEFORE 2pm and we will send a technician to inspect the same day. Again this will be in our interest to get it sorted A.S.A.P to avoid the cost to fix the green pool. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee to fix all problems immediately because some problems need specific parts and equipment.

No Green Pool Guarantee

Well I need to explain and be honest. Sometimes we cannot control the universe and the pool will go green. However our promise still stand and we will clean it free of charge.

Free Filter sand Replacement

Yes we will replace your sand every 2 years at no extra charge. Again this puts us in a position to keep your pool clean and perfect. And saves us time and money, we don`t have to ask your permission to change the sand. We can plan to do it.

Benefits of a pool maintenance service

Having a pool maintenance service that offers a fixed monthly service charge has unbelievable value to the customer. Not only will they know what the monthly charges are for the maintenance. The risk is with Perfect Pools, we are required to use the best chemicals and to ensure the pool is balanced to guarantee the pool is always in a swimmable condition.

So for the best pool maintenance service in the area contact us today.