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Pool Pump

Pool Pumps

Pool Pumps are the backbone and heart of every Perfect Pool out there. Without a working swimming pool pump the pool is never ever going to operate and function like it should do.

Here are a few factors to consider when buying a pool pump.

Minimum Flow Rate

The turnover is the minimum amount of time it takes the pump to circulate all your pool’s water through the filter. Ideally, all your pool water should pass through the filter at least once per day to ensure the pool is clean. For most pools, a run time of 7-8 hours is perfect.

Maximum Flow Rate

It’s important to coordinate your pool pump with your pool filter, which has a maximum flow rate. The pump’s max flow rate should be below the filter’s maximum flow rate, otherwise the pump could overwhelm the filter with excessive water pressure and cause damage. Your filter’s maximum flow rate is specified by the manufacturer.

Resistance on the Pool Pump

Every piece of equipment, including heaters and pool cleaners, connected to your pool’s circulation system adds resistance to the flow of water. The greater this resistance, the stronger the pump needs to be in order to overcome it. This resistance to flow is measured in “meters of head”. Most domestic pools have a resistance of 10 m.

More about Perfect Pools

Our main focus is customer focus and to make swimming pool ownership a pleasure. Spending time with the family is probably the main reason why we wake up every morning. Its for this exact reason we offer services Like Weekly Pool Maintenance. We also have dedicated teams to repair any problem you might have with the pool. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need a professional pool company.

Dankie baie vir die uistekende diens, julle verdien al die sukses sover. Sien julle binnekort weer. Lekker dag Johan

Johan Van Aswegen

To Simon and the team, thank you for assisting with the upgrading of my system, your team even found a “hidden” issue and sorted it out. Great service

David Smith

Perfect Pools has been servicing my pool since 2009 and yesterday afternoon when I arrived home I found my dog chewing away on one of the pipes. Simon I called your team and within 45min a tech was onsite and fixed everything. This is what service is all about.

Janet Mitchell

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