Glass Media for Pool Filters


18kg bags (13L) 2 X 15kg Glass Filter Media bags
= 1 X 40kg silica sand by volume
= Glass Filter Media is a perfect mix of
grain size to optimize filtration
and backwash fluidization

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Actual Weight (kg) 15
Total Price R150.00


Glass Media for Pool Filters

Glass Media for Swimming Pool Filters is not your everyday pool filter sand. Glass Filter Media is made from recycled glass.
You may be wondering about the dangers of using bags of crushed up glass to filter your pool but, Glass Filter Media is no more harmful than grabbing a handful of sand. In fact, it is safer than using the standard pool filter sand as it does not contain high levels of heavy metals or free silica and has the ability to filter out debris and microbial particles as small as 10 microns.
You are also likely to end up using less chemicals in your pool once you’ve installed Glass Filter Media into your pool filter.
Not only is this product good to the environment through the recycling of glass, it also uses less time, energy and, water to keep your pool filtered and looking crystal clear and inviting
Glass Filter Media lasts well over 10 years in your pool filter, saving you the money and the hassle of changing your pool filter sand too often.
• Backwash is more efficient – Glass Filter Media is lighter than silica sand, fluidising faster, using less time, energy and water
• Safer – Glass Filter Media is not susceptible to metal leaching under acidic conditions as it does not contain high levels of metals used to colour beer and wine glass bottles
• Recycled material – Glass Filter Media is good to the environment, compared to the mining of silica, relieving landfill sites of waste
• Chlorine consumption is lower – due to fewer secondary chlorine reaction products such as chloramines.
• Increased water purity and lower cloudiness – Glass Filter Media has a reduced filtration period (by up to 25%) with an ionically charged and higher surface area than silica sand, collecting debris and microbial particles as small as 10 microns
• Up to 20% saving in weight compared to silica sand. • Longer lasting – Glass Filter Media replacement period is well over 10 years. It has a lower propensity to fracture and wear than silica sand. 
• Glass Filter Media is not susceptible to bacterial colonisation.
Packaging: 18kg bags (13L) 2 X 15kg Glass Filter Media bags = 1 X 40kg silica sand by volume = Glass Filter Media is a perfect mix of grain size to optimise filtration flow and backwash fluidisation

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Weight 15 kg


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