Gutter Hose Sleeve

R32.50 per/m


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  • Gutter Hose Sleeve – (± 100mm)
  • All Sleeves is Cut and Packaged per Order/Customer – No Refunds can be processed.
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Gutter Hose Sleeve – (± 100mm diametre)

 The gutter hose sleeve gets fitted to the existing gutters or downpipes. The rainwater can fill to the pool, water the lawn or used wherever needed.

Fitting the Gutter Hose Sleeve is as easy as cutting the sleeve to the correct length you need it.

  1. Separate and open the Sleeve gap. Gutter Hose Sleeve – (± 100mm)
  2. Sliding the sleeve over the down-pipe or gutter.
  3. Folding the sleeve neatly around the gutter pipe
  4. Secure the sleeve with two cable ties
It is important to keep the pool filled and at the correct level. So much so that we recommend you filling the pool with water from the roof gutters. 
Once the pool water reaches the skimmer box level and below, you run the risk of the pool collapsing. This is due to the pressure on the outside is not equal to the pressure in the pool. 
We have to mention that filling the pool with water from any other source than municipal is a risk. Perfect Pools recommend the after ever rainstorm you treat the pool with a product like Burn Out. This will kill any treat the pool water from any debris that might have landed in the pool via the house roof.
Perfect Pools also offers a backwash tank to help recover some water when back-washing the pool.

Contact Perfect Pools for all your swimming pool needs and solutions to keep the pool running this winter. Remember to consult with a pool professional when letting the pool water level to drop. Risk of structural damage is EXTREMELY high.

CONTACT US, HERE for more info or assistance, we offer pool maintenance, repairs and everything you will ever need for a swimming pool. Visit our Sunningdale, Milnerton or Welgelegen branches for personal service.