WaterGuard – Liquid Pool Cover



WaterGuard – Liquid Pool Cover

WaterGuard – Liquid Pool Cover – A NEW GENERATION PRODUCT!

A liquid ‘blanket’ to reduce evaporation!

WaterGuard – Liquid Pool Cover is a special liquid which spreads over the surface of the pool to form a very thin film that will reduce evaporation.

How Does It Work?

WaterGuard – Liquid Pool Cover are made from chemicals and the molecule will immediately repel each other the moment it makes contact with water. This results in a strong spreading action across the surface, forming a liquid ‘blanket’ to reduce evaporation.

Is WaterGuard Safe?

The makeup of WaterGuard – Liquid Pool Cover are safe chemicals, and many of them are used in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Why Is It Important To Reduce Evaporation?

Water losses from evaporation are very high.  A single square metre of water surface can easily lose up to 8 litres to evaporation every day in summer, and a one hectare dam can lose up to 80,000 litres.

Rain, Wave And Wind Action?

When the product is added to the swimming pool, the “film” is resistant to any disturbance in the water. It was designed to move slowly with the water. It will never build up at one end of the pool. Rain will not affect the product, because it will allow the rain water to penetrate the film.

What Savings Can You Expect With WaterGuard?

Trials in the US have achieved evaporation savings of 50% and above.

Application Methods

Just pour Waterguard in the pool and the product will do the rest.

Yes.  Liquid blankets are recommended by the City of Cape Town as a water saving mechanism.

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