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Winter is around the corner and with the current water restrictions, pool owners cannot afford to neglect their swimming pool.

This past season we have seen a huge increase in pool leaks, at this stage I`m not sure if clients was just more focused on getting their pools fixed that has been leaking for a while , or if the pool actually just developed a leak during this dry season.

Whatever the reason, we want to make sure you don`t neglect your pool this winter.

Did you know.

If you don’t maintain your pool properly, you could cut the equipment lifespan in half. Or, if you don’t maintain it at all, you could cut it down to a quarter.

A pool pump can consume up to half of a home’s entire energy output. They now make more energy-efficient models. Perfect Pools adjust the pump running times during the year to optimize filtration and be energy efficient on the clients behalf for all our Platinum Maintenance Clients.

You may be paying for weekly service but the guy is coming every other week, or even every three weeks. Since pool guys usually come when you’re at work, you have very little way of verifying if and when they’re there. However not Perfect Pools, with Live tracking on our entire fleet we ensure we monitor and track all bakkies.

Saltwater pools don’t take care of themselves and need some assistance.You still have to add acid to keep the pH balanced. Just because it seems natural like the ocean — it’s not. In fact, saltwater pools have 1/10 the salt of the ocean , so they’re more like a tear drop than a good salt soak! And, while you may think that since salt is natural it’s environmentally friendly — it’s not. The salt breaks down into various components including hyrdrochloric acid or chlorine gas. Regular pools don’t have that much chlorine. So, if you drain it into your yard, that’s OK. With saltwater, you have to get a truck to suck the water out. Dumping it in your yard would seriously affect the ecosystem. Saltwater can also cause rust on stainless steel parts or cause corrosion in others that can cause you thousands to replace. Remember we are not saying saltwater pools are bad (in fact we love it) — just that you should know the facts and how to properly maintain one.

If you don’t take care of your pool for 2-3 weeks, it will turn green.In fact, if there are heavy rains, like say during winter season in Cape Town, it can turn your pool green in 24 to 48 hours. And that green is more than just algae — it can contain E. coli and other bacteria. Perfect Pools use a number of preventative steps to ensure you do not have to deal with a green pool.

Sunlight is great for swimmers — not so much for the pool. Chlorine, which keeps your pool from turning green, dissipates in direct sunlight. “You put chlorine in a sunny pool on Monday and by Wednesday it will have almost no chlorine in it, And algae breeds a lot more in warm weather than colder weather. That’s why slow-dissolving chlorine tablets are a good option or adding Sun Shield, which helps diffuse the sun’s UV rays and makes the chlorine last longer. Though, you always have to keep testing your pool water 1-2 times a week. A Pool Maintenance agreement with Perfect Pools will take care of all of this because we check all the above on a weekly basis.

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BOOKING up there!


Most “eco” and “green” products don’t work as well as chlorine and, in fact, may leave the water murky or turn the pool green faster. But worse, 8/10 of these product will probably stain your swimming pool.

The Most important thing to do is is to keep maintaining the pool. If you do it yourself, visit a professional pool shop in your area. make sure they are registered with the N.S.P.I – 

Or get us in to look after your pool on a regular basis, we have great options to ensure your pool will be the best part of your back year.

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