Sea Salt Mini Chlorinator Self Cleaning

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Perfect Pools stocks the Sea Salt Mini Chlorinator Self Cleaning (csminisc) and is a auterized dealer for Sea Salt products. Sea Salt units incorporate the very latest in patented cell, circuitry design and offer the following benefits and features for superior performance:

Patented cell and circuitry designed for optimum performance.
Built in Automatic Saltwater Tester.
Intelligent operation. Requires only 0.4%-0.7% salt content to keep your pool sparkling – even when you’re away!
Switch-mode for longer-lasting, cooler running power supply/controller.
Modular Build & Design Efficiency.
The anode & cathode are individually replaceable avoiding costly replacement of the entire electrode cell as may be the case with other saltwater chlorinators.
Built in Lightening, Overload and Surge Protection.
Precious Metal coatings on all titanium electrodes.
Higher Efficiency anodes and
scale-resistant cathodes for superior performance.
Durable, sturdy, anti-corrosive
powder-coated aluminium casing. Built to last!
Sturdy polycarbonate clear cell housing - allows for visual checking of cell electrodes.
With this many features you may be surprised to find that the Sea Salt range of manual or automatic self-cleaning units are also amongst the most compact sized units available – the perfect combination of high-performance, functionality, user-friendliness and ease of installation to existing or new filtration systems.

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