Why the Platinum Pool Maintenance Service?

by | Mar 28, 2017 | Blog


I have had to answer this question so many times that I have decided to write it down and explain why we did what we did.

At first we kept it to ourselves and just advertised the product to our top end clients. We wanted to offer them something different and unique that no one else is offering. I have already developed our own App, and Scheduling system. We have already changed the way we do quotes, with our dedicated Sales Managers on the road.

But Our maintenance clients needed something great that would make them feel like the super hero’s they are.  After months of speaking to suppliers, clients and industry leaders in Australia, NZ and the US, I feel we came up with a great service that without doubt gave the client unbelievable value for money.

The service explained:

A weekly pool service where the team visits your property and perform the following task’s

  • Brush down the walls
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Clean Pump, skimmer-box, surface baskets.
  • Backwash and Rinse
  • Scoop and clean the pool surface
  • Vacuum Pool surface.
  • Test and Analyse the pool water, and add the necessary chemicals to adjust the levels correctly.

This is all standard and most pool companies offer these services, BUT here is what we do differently.

  • We guarantee a Blue, Sparkling Pool 365 days of the year.
    • Pool turns green we will fix it at our cost.
  • We replace the sand in the filter every two years. FREE
  • All Chemicals included in the Monthly Fee for pools up to 50 000Litres
  • Same Day Support.
    • Should your pool have any issue we will schedule a pool tech to visit the property within 24 hours to attend.
  • Equipment Cover
    • This is the part where it will get everyone excited. We will cover your pool pump, filter,any pipe leaks, fittings and if we can’t fix it we replace it with a new one. This however will work on a sliding scale. If anything breaks in the first year of this contract, you pay normal price less 10% . In the second year normal price less 20% and in the third year less 50%.

All this for a Fixed monthly fee off R885.00 (T&C apply, Prices for the 2016/7 Season ending 30 August 2017

How can you offer or do this, it is unheard of for a pool company to have fixed price?

Well here is the deal.

  • We use the best possible chemicals and equipment on your pool.
    • Some pool guys will add the bare minimum and the cheapest possible chemicals available to your pool. And try and maintain it in this manner. If your pool turns green, they charge you to fix it.
  • We train our staff
  • We focus on Prevention and act Proactively
  • We don’t take short cuts.

So the ball is in fact in our court, if we maintain and keep the pool in great shape without taking any shortcuts, we will never have to fix your green pool (at our cost) and you will be a very happy client.

Please call us on 0860697665 and a sales manager will visit you to asses your pool and get you up and running.

Or just email us.





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